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It’s fair to say that Taylor Swift hasn’t always had the best luck when it comes to the MTV Video Music Awards – y’know, there was the infamous Kanye West incident of 2009 and last year’s pre-ceremony spat with Nicki Minaj – and this time around things aren’t much better.  Well, they’re a whole lot worse actually, as she hasn’t been nominated at all. Taylor had three videos – ‘New Romantics’, ‘Out Of The Woods’ and ‘Wildest Dream’ – eligible for an award, but she’s received a grand total of zero nods, while Beyonce is out in the lead with a whooping 11.

Source: Taylor Swift Probably Won’t Want To See This Year’s MTV VMAs Nominations

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, who at the beginning of their relationship were photographed together multiple times a day, have sparked fears their relationship may be cooling off.  The two have barely been spotted together recently, which is a stark contrast to their many public dates in  LA, New York, Nashville, Rhode Island, the UK, Australia, and Italy when they first announced their romance.  Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston made 24 public appearances in three weeks in the beginning – but recently have been spotted together just twice in two weeks, despite fan and media interest in their romance.

Source: Is Hiddleswift on the rocks? Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston appear to cool public romance


Kim Kardashian has posted some incriminating video of Taylor Swift appearing to sign off on Kanye West’s Famous lyrics.

Last month, Kardashian West told GQ that she had the footage in her possession and on Sunday night she posted the evidence the recorded cellphone conversation. Kanye raps the line in the video: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ I made that bitch famous.”

“I think this is a really cool thing to have,” West says.

“I know, it’s like a compliment, kind of,” Swift replies. “Yeah, I mean, what’s dope about the line is it’s very tongue in cheek either way. And I really appreciate you telling me about it, that’s really nice.”

“I just had a responsibility to you as a friend,” Kanye admits. “Thanks for being so cool about it.”

Source: Kim Kardashian posts video of Taylor Swift calling Kanye West’s Famous line a compliment

Actor Tom Hiddleston has shut down critics by insisting his love affair with Taylor Swift is the real thing.  The Avengers star began romancing the Bad Blood hitmaker just weeks after she split from DJ Calvin Harris, her boyfriend of over one year, in May (16).  Since they started dating last month (Jun16), Tom and Taylor have been travelling the world together, taking in romantic destinations like Rome, Italy, while the couple has most recently been enjoying themselves Down Under in Australia, where the Brit is filming his upcoming movie Thor: Ragnarok.  Their love affair appears so over-the-top romantic, many critics have wondered whether the relationship is real, but Tom has spoken out to assure naysayers he and Taylor are indeed head over heels for each other.  “The truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together, and we’re very happy,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter.  “Thanks for asking.”

Source: Tom Hiddleston: ‘My romance with Taylor Swift is authentic’ – Music-News.com

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Taylor Swift has been confirmed as the co-writer of Calvin Harris’ recent hit with Rihanna, “This Is What You Came For”.  The chart-topping pop singer was widely rumoured to have penned the song for the Scottish DJ, who she dated for 15 months before they broke up in early June.  Swift’s representative told The Independent that the 26-year-old is listed as a co-writer under a Swedish alias: “Taylor Swift wrote “This Is What You Came For” under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg,” she said.

Source: Taylor Swift secretly co-wrote Calvin Harris and Rihanna hit ‘This Is What You Came For’ | News | Culture | The Independent

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When Apple announced its plans to offer customers a three-month trial of its Apple Music streaming service, Taylor Swift kicked off. The free trial meant no royalties for artists, and Tay-Tay wrote an open letter describing the terms as “shocking” and “disappointing” – and revealed she’d be withholding her music from the platform. Her tens of millions of fans magnified her protest and the tech giant made a rapid and uncharacteristic U-turn.

Now Swift and other music artists are publicly taking on YouTube, calling for better protections against copyright infringement and better pay for artists. But this time she’s unlikely to win.

Source: Taylor Swift is taking on YouTube, and it won’t be an easy fight

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Taylor Swift has a certain attachment to the number 1989 – it’s the year of her birth, the title of her latest multiplatinum album and the name of her record-smashing tour.  She may soon have a new favorite: 170 million. That’s the number of dollars she raked in over the past year, easily enough to land her the No. 1 spot on the FORBES Celebrity 100 list of the world’s highest-paid entertainers.

Source: Forbes – Media Information and Entertainment News – Forbes.com

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran inadvertently treated fans to a free concert at her Fourth of July party as they loudly sang a duet of the Britney Spears song ‘…Baby One More Time’.The event occurred during her Fourth of July festivities, at which she canoodled with new beau Tom Hiddleston and frolicked on a water slide with super models.Swift posted a picture on Instagram of the two jamming in her mansion.

Source: Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran sing beautiful duet of ‘…Baby One More Time’ by Britney Spears

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston enjoyed a Roman holiday on Monday (27Jun16) as they continued their loved-up European getaway.After landing in Italy, Hollywood’s new ‘It’ couple decided to take in the sights of the capital city, beginning with a visit to the Colosseum.

Source: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston enjoy a Roman holiday – Music-News.com

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are ‘in a secret romance’, according to reports, with her ex Calvin Harris responding by unfollowing her on social media.Pictures were published on Wednesday night that showed Swift and Hiddleston, 35, kissing on a beach.

Source: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston ‘in secret romance’ as Calvin Harris unfollows her and deletes tweets