How To Listen

We add new online platforms on a regular basis.  Click on the image to go straight to Smooth Velvet Radio on that platform.

Internet radio

Smooth Velvet Radio on RadioGuide.FM

Orange Logo

Smooth Velvet Radio on Orange Radio

Smooth Velvet Radio on StreamFinder

Smooth Velvet Radio on Streamitter

Streema Banner

Smooth Velvet Radio on Streema

 Radio Forest

Smooth Velvet Radio on Radio Forest

Smooth Velvet Radio on


Smooth Velvet Radio on Need to enter Smooth Velvet Radio in the search box

Live Online Radio

Smooth Velvet Radio on Live Online Radio





Click here if you want links to the home page of these online platforms.

Using Radionomy on a Web Browser

Click on the screen below this will open a new tab for the Smooth Velvet Radio page on  The full web address is


You can save this web page to your web Bookmarks/Favourites.

Using the Radionomy App on a Tablet

First you need to download the app from your Apps Store.  When you start the app you will see a screen similar to this.

Using the Radionomy App 1

Note Smooth Velvet Radio may or may not be shown in the Top 25 stations depending on how many listeners we have had during the past few days.  If Smooth Velvet is shown just click on it.  If Smooth Velvet is not shown, click on the icon in the top left corner of the screen (see image above), click on search and enter Smooth Velvet Radio in the search box, press return.

Using the Radionomy App 3

Smooth Velvet Radio should be the the first station in the top left hand corner (see image above). Click on it.

Using the Radionomy App 4a

There is a Play/Stop button (see image above).  That’s it. Adjust the volume and enjoy the music!

SONOS LogoTo listen to Smooth Velvet Radio on a Sonos system first add the Radionomy Service to Sonos.  Do this using ‘Manage Service Settings’ on your Sonos controller.  Search Radionomy for ‘Smooth Velvet Radio’ and add it to your ‘Sonos Favourites’.